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On Boxing Day in 2019, I captured a sequence of an annular solar eclipse using a home-made viewing apparatus and my vintage Polaroid camera. The resulting set of Polaroid films were then digitally scanned and enlarged via large-format printing.

I have always thought of an eclipse akin to a master calligrapher at his pinnacle. For 2 mins that eventful afternoon, spectators watched as a perfect circle 'draws' to a close and at that moment, one could almost enter the spiritual realm of infinity, emptiness and void.

Hu Qiren (b. 1983) is a visual artist whose practice explores the myriad forms of image making, incorporating a wide range of media, including photography, video, installation and performance. Expressing a vibrant visual vocabulary inspired by his own identity and tradition, Qiren synthesizes cultural binaries, while incessantly challenging notions of authenticity, belief and value systems.

Qiren has showcased his work at major institutions such as One World Trade Center, Queens Museum, Aperture Foundation in New York, Louvre Museum in Paris and international photography festivals.

Awards https://www.huqiren.art/bio