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Multi-Lighting Photographer

  • Prize
    Bronze in Special/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Jaime Lieberman
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    Jaime Lieberman
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My work has been characterized by using light as a brush that gives life to darkness.
I have been always passionate about the ability of sensitive material to capture the light beam, that wave which expands to be reflected over objects & marks its existence.
After years exploring the possibilities by manipulating light, find myself expanding the limits of classical, figurative or conventional photography & capturing the reality through the freedom of expression by color, shape & its psychology. I place the methacrylate piece, illuminate different areas & blende them in post production.

I have never found anyone who works the same way i do. When the term Light Painting came up I found a way to catalogue my work, but I don't think the definition of the technique encompasses perfection. So I have allowed myself to name my technique as "Multi Light Photography" since there are many images that were used to form the final image. Perhaps it could be a kind of Light Painting Collage or a Photographic Sgraffito.
I understand abstraction as something free, which requires being free to contemplate it.