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This series of photographs belongs to a large project that I am still working on, which I have called " Imaginarium ", they are photographs taken from the escalators of shopping centers. My purpose with this idea of taking pictures is to create science fiction images. From an extreme perspective and giving great importance to framing and composition, I mix elements such as lights with geometric shapes and singular motifs, using materials and interior design of shopping malls as a source of inspiration to create futuristic and unreal effects.

Carlos Ramiro is a Spanish photographer living in Thailand. His photographic journey is divided into two stages: Beginning and first years where he works as a freelance, he was mainly interested in travel and documentary photography. After a long parenthesis away from the photographic world, he resumed his work as a freelancer, and although he is still very interested in documentary and travel photography, as well as photojournalism, his photographic spectrum has expanded to architecture and fine art photography.