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The Walk. From Lisbon to Lisbon

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Monograph
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    Andre Paxiuta
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“The Walk. From Lisbon to Lisbon ” is a photographic monograph that results from my experience of being resident in a city that one discovers at each step. For seven years I photographed the cosmopolitan life of Lisbon (Portugal), capturing moments, lives that intersect, using the street as a stage for the stories that unfold. Stories that i've seen but never got to know.
(ISBN - 978-989-33-0605-5; published in November 2020)

André Paxiuta was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1983. He has doctorate degree in Geography. After a brief passage through the Ar.Co - Art and Visual Communication Center he began using photography in complementarity with the documentary analysis of the physical and social environments. Over the last twelve years the author has been developing visual narratives focusing on the human condition, with emphasis on societal clashes, migration and public health, its interdependencies with the natural world and its mutations over time and space.

Awards Portfolio Contest Winner - Black & White Magazine, For collectors of Fine Art Photography