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On the banks of the Rukmavati river in Gujarat’s Kutch, legions of craftsmen build dhows by hand as they were built for hundreds of years. Raw timber logs are transported, planed, and fit to create a watertight hull by men who are barely literate but have learned from past generations of builders.

Months later, the boat’s finished form slowly emerges, ready to set sail in the Indian Ocean. For now, the tradition endures, but is slowly disappearing as it is no match against modern ship building.

Justin is an American architect and photographer based in Hong Kong. His work examines places shaped by the effects of globalisation, reflecting on themes of recontextualisation, mobility, and global visual culture to build a broader narrative of the contemporary city.

Recent works include Urban Africa, Made in China, which examines Chinese development throughout Africa and its impact on Africa's urban future.

Born in the United States, he spent half his life between Arizona and Hong Kong, and the rest in Basel, East Africa, and elsewhere.

Awards 2017 First Place, Royal Geographic Society John McDermott Photography Competition Masterclass
2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Exhibition Grant, Hong Kong
2014 Graham Foundation Research and Development Grant
2013 Robert Eidlitz Travel Fellowship, Cornell University
2012 Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Silver Medal, Cornell University
2008 Edwin E. Seipp Memorial Design Competition, Cornell University, First Place
2008 NOMA National Student Design Team Competition, First Place