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    Bronze in Book/Other
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    Raffaella Castagnoli
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NOMORE interlaces the story of the serious illness of the palm trees, caused by the red weevil, among the inexistent and sick relationship with my father and the joyful and friendly synergy experienced by my during the childhood spent in the "Boulevard Palm" in Nervi, to which I'm particularly fond of.NOMORE was born slowly, it evolves as thoughts mature, while the experience is lived. With the passage of time, I've collected reflections, informations, old photographs, creating my iconic graphic elements, assembled in this project with a contemporary and complete overview become a book.

My works belong to the world surrounding me and I use everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are extrapolated fragments from my daily life that would go unnoticed in their original context, moments that exist to find poetic meaning in everyday life and through them I try to lead the observer to ask himself questions, into a world of ongoing equilibrium between what articulates the stream of daily events and what could be different. I try to establish a link between the reality and what is imagined by me through aesthetics and the neverending searching of beauty.

Awards 2018 Winner "3° Portfolio sul Po” Torino

Winner Premio HF – Rosignano Foto Festival – Rosignano Marittimo
Selected for “Codice MIA” Milano Fair Art
Winner “Creatività e speranza” Galleria Spazio23 Genova

Selected for “Codice MIA” Milano Fair Art

Winner “IX Seravezza Fotografia” – Seravezza – Lucca

3° ex-aequo “11° Portfolio dell’Ariosto” – Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
2° place “12° Spazio Portfolio”64° Congresso Nazionale FIAF, Garda

Winner ex-aequo 11° “Spazio portfolio” – 63° Congresso Nazionale FIAF, Torino

Winner ex- aequo 4° “Penisola di luce”, Sestri Levante
mentioned “10° Spazio Portfolio” 62° Congresso Nazionale FIAF Carrara
selected “1° Portfolio dello Strega” - Sassoferrato – AN