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Where did the FUNK go?

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Charlotte Troll
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I shoot what i crave for, i shoot what trembles me. I shoot while i search for answers.
When the Pandemia started, i shot my project " Within 24 Hours".
After my return from the Ukraine i found myself isolated at home for months and all the denied issues inside of me became bigger by the minute.I was so much in the need to laugh with people again. So i decided to stage some images to laugh at and with my models which were friends and family. Too afraid to see strangers. The Shootings were my way to deal with the Pandemia where the every-day bad news made me almost fall into depression.

Studied Documentary Film in NYC.
Worked on several Documentary Projects.
Freelance Photographer since 2016.
Worked for several magazines
and on a couple of art projects.

Awards Special Jury Prize at Lens Culture
Recognition at Mifa with the project 'PIPPI LONGSTOCKING'.
PX3 Bronze for " Within 24 hours".