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Botanic Loop

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Other
  • Photographer
    Bruno Militelli
  • Credit
    Bruno Militelli

Macro photographic series that aims to explore the potential of these small springs of the climbing plants, in this case the passion fruit tree, in clinging to other plants, winding these structures and serving as support during their growth.

On this series the focus attention goes to this minimal part of the nature of the plants that could normally go unnoticed, inviting the observer to develop the personal interpretation of these various abstract helical formations. The highlight is the shape and texture of these spiral-shaped filiform structures which may at first appear to be man-made.

I'm Bruno Militelli, Brazilian and a dedicated photographer since 2012. Ever since I started shooting, my passion for this kind of art has grown naturally out of the desire to capture unique and individual perspectives. Through my work I look for an abstract but still natural result just by combining lights, contrast and colors so I can capture even the most fleeting details and allowing you to also appreciate this new standpoint.
With each image I hope to portray the beauty of the object, showing its unique elements and emphasizing how intriguing is the planet where live and call home.