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Moment of Inspiration

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Flowers
  • Photographer
    Nathalie Seaver, United States

Visualize a moment of inspiration. The magic of inspiration. The magic
of art. Trusting artistic intuition. Capturing these components and
deconstructing them is the heart of this series.

The digital world now offers a facility for creating images. Quick
printing. Quick looks on Instagram. Photos built by pixels.

Consider the pixel: It is square. A masculine form. A visual world built
with masculine squares. Consider its counterpart: A circle. A dot. A
feminine shape.

My aim is to deconstruct an image with this feminine building block, a
dot, instead of a square. Each dot is cut out by hand. Each dot is
applied by hand. It conjures a slower process that takes time.

The whole image, when completed, is about capturing the magic, the
millisecond of intuition, the essence of inspiration, that sparks a piece
of art and crystalizing that moment.

Nathalie Seaver is half French and grew up in New York City and Paris. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Nathalie hasn't stopped taking photographs since she borrowed her father's Polaroid camera as a young teenager. As an artist, incorporating collage and painting has been an important element of her work.

Each piece in this flower series is one of a kind. Each dot is cut out by hand and placed one by one, to the image. Each floral is printed in an edition of 3, with slightly different variations of the dot placements on the image. Each finished piece in this series is 13" x 19", unframed.

Her career path has been book illustration, TV and film creative executive and for over a decade, as an LA based, clothing designer.

George Gershwin once said: "I frequently hear music in the very heart of noise". With her photography, Nathalie riffs on this, to capture and peel away hidden beauty and magic in the blur of the ordinary.

She is currently at work on two different series and has just begun to exhibit her pieces.

Awards dnj gallery bergamot station, LACP members show 2017 Griffin Museum of Photography winter solstice show 2017