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The Faroe Islands

Far out in the Atlantic, 18 islands of volcanic origin with breathtaking
landscapes and unforgettable scenery. Located halfway between Norway
and Iceland at 62°00’N, it rises majestically from the sea and with the
highest sea cliffs in Europe and where you are never more than 5
kilometres from the sea.
The Faroe Islands offers breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes, from
majestic mountains, mighty waterfalls to beautiful coastline and fjords, so
let the images take you to one of the last secret corners of Europe.

„It’s not about snapping or shooting a picture. It’s about the capture of a moment, just a split of a second, which is unique, and will not appear again.“

Benjamin Klormann is a self-taught freelance photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. Through his education in nature science, his work focuses mainly landscape and travel photography. His ambition to capture as far as possible unspoiled Landscape leads him to the most remote places around the world. Through this each of his photographs reflects unique moment on this planet.

Born 1987 in the South-west of Germany he decided in younger years to do an education in nature science instead of photography. Back in 2014 when he rediscovers his passion for hiking he bought after many years with a small compact cam his first DSLR. Since then the photography stayed a strong part in his life. His philosophy is about to capture the moment and this reflect in the way he works. He only shot Single Images and do a normal development of the image without any manipulation. Nowadays he worked together with many partners, received various awards and had publications and exhibitions.