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Creation makes my life more interesting !
I am art photographer in the Taiwan, I love immersing myself in the natural world, admiring Gods creation, and capturing images that portray the magical moments I get to experience while there. Enjoy the photos!

Awards 2020 MIFA/Professional/ Fine Art-Special Effects/Gold Awarded
2020 MIFA/Professional/ Nature-Aerial/Silver Awarded
2020 MIFA/Professional/ Book-Fine Art/Bronze Awarded
2019 IPA Special-Special Effects/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Nature-Other/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Fine Art-Abstract/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Nature-Aerial/Drone/Pro/Honorable MentionX2
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Silver Awarded
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Sunset/Silver Awarded
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Honorable Mention
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Honorable Mention
2018 IPA Architecture-Cityscapes/Urban/Professional/Honorable Mention
2018 PX3 Nature/sunsets/Professional/Silver
2017 IPA Fine Art/Abstract/Pro/Honorable Mention
2017 IPA Fine Art/Other/Pro/Honorable Mention