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Womens March #19

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Diane Ketelsen
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I took about 18 to roughly 20 images of the Women's March in
Eugene Oregon on January 20th 2018. While the Women's March
had started last year, this the first time I had ever been to one. And it
happened by accident. I was actually on my way to the library when I
saw this event taking place. I had my camera with me. I knew I had
to take photos. I was not only witnessing history, but I was
witnessing my history. American history, Womens history. There
were both men and women as well as children in this historic event.
My favorite one of this series is of the young woman holding the
megaphone and yelling things like, "This is what democracy looks
like! " Or " My body! My choice! ". Absolutely awe-inspiring.

I started taking photos when I was 13 years old with a Polaroid camera. I hadn't thought serious about being a photographer until my year of college back at Sacramento City College 2004 when I took my first photography class at the age of 18. I consider myself to be more of a photojournalist, a documentary photographer. I like to capture moments as they happen.

Awards Finalist in the 38th Annual Spring Photographer’s Forum Magazine photo contest for the color photographs section. Silver in the prix de la Photographie for Women's March #19 2018. $75 award of Merit for Womens March #19 in the Photography at the Emerald At Emerald Art Center in Springfield Oregon September 2018. The Live Well column in New Mobility Magazine June issue.