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Baltic Kite Wave Jam

When I was a child, kitesurfing was like the first mobile phones. It was
a unique and fascinating for the most of people.
When I grew up and I could afford the purchase of equipment, I
started to practice this sport. Along the way I met many wonderful
people, because surfing is not just a sport, but also people. A small
group of these people decided to create a profession called Baltic Kite
Wave Jam - competition for weather forecast. Despite the fairly young
age, it is safe to say that this is a cult event for which all kite wave
surfers eagerly wait each year.
I wanted to show what the kitesurfing is.

Mateusz Górny - photographer by passion.

The first camera as a child I received from my grandfather on "Christmas" which was like a bean seed. Waiting a few years to germinate, when I saved from spending money on the first digital compact Pentax.

A year later, I took the first place in the category of "Joy" in the first edition of the polish Grand Photo Competition by National Geographic.

Since then, events have passed more than 10 years. I try to appreciate everything that catches my attention in a way that will interest and interest.

Awards Main Photo Awards:

2005 - First place in the category of "Joy" in the first edition of the Grand National Geographic Photo Contest

2007 - First place in the category of 'Young Trainees Having Fun' and the best picture contest Annual Photographic Competition organized by Sail Training International

2007 - Second place in the category 'Wolves Marine and Land Rats' and prizes in the International Competition PHOTO SAILS organized by the Szczecin Photographic Society

2007 - Distinction in the competition "Woman free, independent woman ..." organized by the Warsaw School of Photography under the auspices of Newsweek and Bayer Health Care

2011 - I place in the "Years of seafarer" organized by Teekay Shipping

2012 - First place in the competition "The Sea" organized by GTTF

2017 – II place in the category “Architecture: Industrail” and five Honorable Mentions in the “International Photographer of the Year Award” organized by IPOTY

2017 - II Honorable Mentions in the "Natural Density Awards" organized by ND Awards

2017 - I place in the OSM Photo Competition 2017

2017 - Honorable Mention in the XIII edition of the Grand National Geographic Poland Photo Contest

2018 - III place in category "Press" for the entry entitled, "Baltic Kite Wave Jam" in PX3

2018 - II place in category "Editorial / Sports" for the entry entitled, "Baltic Kite Wave Jam" in IPA, International Photography Awards