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Truong Son

Truong Son from "Indochine' series depicts a woman navigating the conflicting cultural
pressures of the East and the West. Exuding visual luxury and vivid sensuality, the art
works plunge the viewer into a colour-saturated dreamscape. The women captured are torn
between the cultural values and expectations of their times and a deep interior struggling
towards individuality. The series explores the encroachment of Western fashion within
Asian cultures and the struggle for authenticity amidst contemporary influences.
Indochine explores identity and how Western influences have
intersected with Eastern traditions and values. It also touches on
the methods available to women to express a changing cultural
identity by altering their appearance. While such shifts are
sometimes presumed to be a relatively new phenomenon, the
artworks explore how this blending of Eastern and Western
cultures has been happening perceptibly for centuries.

Samantha Everton is a Austraslian-based photographer with a taste for magic realism and seeing the absurd in everyday interactions. Samantha has won a number of awards including the prestigious Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize , highly Commended, the 23rd MacGregor Prize for Photography and the 2006 Australian Leica Photographer of the Year. Her work has been published and reviewed in numerous books and magazines around the world, including The NewYorker.

Awards 2018 Third Prize in Portraiture, Px3 Paris International Photography Awards, France
2018 Honourable Mention, Life Framer, Faces of Life International Portraiture Award
2015 Finalist, SCAP, Caloundra Regional Gallery Qld
2015 Winner, Third Place - Head On Portrait Prize, Sydney
2014 Second Prize in Portraiture, Px3 Paris International Photography Awards, France
2012 Two Girls Building Project Domain Hill property selected artist announced
2011 Finalist, Olive Cotton Photography Prze, Tweed Regional Gallery
2011 Finalist, Prometheus Art Prize
2010 Winner Px3 Paris International Photography Awards
2010 Finalist, London International Creative Competition
2010 Finalist, The Curchie National Emerging Art Award
2009 Honorable Mention, Px3 Paris Photography Prize
2009 Highly Commended Award, MORAN Contemporary Photographic Prize
2009 Selected for the core program of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale
2008 Finalist in the MORAN Contemporary Art Prize
2008 People's choice award winner in conceit '08, Corangamarah Art Prize.
2007 Px3 Paris International Photography Awards, peoples choice 1st place.
2006 Winner of the Twenty-Third McGregor Prize for Photography award.
2006 Highly Commended Award, Twenty-Third McGregor Prize for Photography
2006 Selected for inclusion in the New Yorker Magazine, April 2006
2005 Winner of the Australian Leica Documentary Photographer of the year award
2005 Charades selected for auction & sold at Sotheby's charity art auction for Girls On Top.
2005 Winner of Hardcopy: Digital Art exhibition, Gasworks art park
2005 Second place winner, Head On 2005 photographic portrait prize, Michael Nagy Gallery.
2005 33rd Alice Prize, Acquisition of work for Alice Springs art gallery permanent collection