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  • Prize
    Gold in Press/War
  • Photographer
    Giovanni Salvaggio
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In Mulo (Lubero - DRCongo) a mental clinic hosts over 70 people
from across the North Kivu area.
Many of them are victims of post-traumatic stress due to the
conflict that has been stifling the region for more than 20 years.
Several former rebels are hospitalized each year, according to
medical staff, many of them are subject to delirium due to drug
abuse during permanence in militias.
The priests, who manage the structure, defy it as a holistic clinic
which aims to recover the patient primarily through a soul care
The use of psychoactive drugs is only foreseen if necessary.
The reality of the facts is very different.
Many of them have clear symptoms of use - and abuse - of
Patients discharge in precarious hygienic conditions and in rooms
with few light.
According to managers, few light contributes to faster mental

Born in Ragusa in 1979.
freelance photojournalist e creative director del brand Siculamente
Director of Inkivu Project, a multimedia channel that aims to sharing free information relating to the Great Lakes Area ( Kivu / DRC - Uganda - Rwanda) and to train young reporter for the production of photo - video material on site.

Awards IPA 2016 - Honorable Mention "Who does What - Portraits From North Kivu"
MIFA 2016 - Honorable Mention "Who does What - Portraits From North Kivu"
TIFA 2016 - 2nd Place category "Editorial-Conflict" NP - "HOLE of HOPE"