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Echoes of the Wild

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Nature, 3rd Place winner in Book Proposal (Series Only)
  • Photographer
    Prelena Soma Owen, South Africa

This book documents the beauty and fragility of Nature. Jane
Goodall has written the foreword and highlights the importance of
appreciating the beauty of all creatures and that one person can
make a difference, regardless of how small it may seem.

Awards Art4Apes conservation photography winner 2016
Second runner up Nature's Best Africa Macro 2016
Finalist Getaway magazine Nov 2016
Dec Finalist Sunday Times photographer of the year 2016
Front cover and Aug image of Getaway magazine calendar 2017
Two images published in Africa Geographic year book for 2016
First and second prize in Denver Audbon
Finalist in Birdlife Fluff tail contest 2015
Shot of the day in Smithsonian 1/1/17
Several shot of the day on Earthshots.org