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What Springs Up?(85)

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Horace Trovato, United States

What Springs Up?(85) is a reference to Psalm 85. Verse 11
says, "Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness
looks down from the sky." This series asks what is springing up from
our ground? What does what we build, and how it fits into the
landscape, say about us? Between the cheaply built housing and the
corporate land-scraping it does not paint a favorable picture of our relationship with the Earth. Just outside the boundaries of our developments we can see what faithfulness to the Earth might look like, the faithfulness of the seasons, the righteousness of the trees. There is so much beauty around us, but it is not ours, and we choose to clash with what remains. The series begins in the developments and moves outward. The contrast is striking, equally so the beauty that we might have missed.
Printed on Ilford gelatin-silver and bound by hand.

I am an artist photographer based in Maryland, father of two and happily married to my friend and editor Jennifer. I create small photographic series in the darkroom emphasizing the physical nature of both the work and the process.
While photography is often compared to other two dimensional pictorial arts, like painting, its closest relative is poetry. My sequences are meant to be read; not as individual photographs nor as a collective abstraction but with the sensibility and rhythm of a poem.

Awards Px3 2018 Book Proposal Bronze Winner