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Scars of Mosul, The Legacy of ISIS

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    Silver in Press/War
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    Carol Guzy, United States
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The self-proclaimed Islamic State formed by ISIS, ruled over the
civilian population of Mosul until Iraqi forces waged a fierce
battle to liberate the ancient city. Residents were trapped or
held as human shields. Conditions were brutal: a moving front
line that was sparked at unexpected locations with ISIS
emerging from tunnels, rubble laced with IEDs, snipers and
suicide bombs, grenade attacks, air strikes, harsh 130-degree
heat and horrific atrocities. Wounded and weak, they arrive at a
medical Trauma Stabilization Point in the Old City, struggling to
grasp the remnants of their lives. Most now face an uncertain
future, forgotten in the limbo of IDP camps. The scars of
emotional trauma are even more difficult to heal than physical
ones. They survived in terror amid the repressive ISIS doctrine
for three long years. The war in Mosul is over, but it left a
society in ruins and a staggering humanitarian crisis.

Carol Guzy was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and lived there until 1978 when she completed her studies at Northampton County Area Community College, graduating with an Associate's degree in Registered Nursing. A change of heart led her to the AIFL to study photography. Upon graduation she worked for the Miami Herald for 8 years then The Washington Post until 2014. Currently freelance contract photographer with Zuma Press. She is the only journalist to ever receive a fourth Pulitzer Prize and countless honors for her work, recently the Robert Capa Gold Medal 2018 for her work in Mosul.

Awards 4 Pulitzer Prizes
3 RFK Awards
8 Photographer of the Year WHNPA
3 Photographer of the Year POY
1 OPC Robert Capa Award
Many other honors and awards...