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To Rene Magritte

This serie is an appropriation art and my love for the surrealism and for Rene Magritte.

These are my observations on shifting priorities and changing gender roles in our modern society. These new roles find their reflection in the development of generarions which are created under the circumstances.

Lyalya Garbouz is an independent photographer and Nikon ambassador based in Moscow. She specializes in portrait and documentary photography. At the moment her main direction is art photography and appropriation art allegorical portraits which are made on the basis of acrillic painting, photography, collage and digital drawing.

Awards 1-st place IPA counrty pick 2013; 1st place IPA CIS 2016 Children Pro; 1st place The Best Photographer (Russia) Child Portrait pro; 3d place IPA CIS 2017 Fine Art pro and Children Pro; Silver TIFA Book / People Pro; Bronze PX3 Fine Art / Collage Pro and other.