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City Tapestry

Abstract cityscapes superimposed on linen fabric. Standing on a
rooftop overlooking Downtown Los Angeles, one can’t help but
notice the myriad construction cranes towering over the city from
the financial district to the fashion district. It is a shifting city,
redefining, redrawing, rebranding, and repurposing itself.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David Glen Larson's love affair with photography began when he received a Kodak Ektralite camera for his 10th birthday. He went on to study cinematography, directing, and screenwriting at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, and afterward spent several years writing for film and television. But the power of the still image and the challenge of storytelling within a single frame ultimately held more allure for David, and in 2017 he returned his focus to photography full time.