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Mater (self portrait) is a meditation on the role of a woman when
she becomes a mother. A status that can be all-consuming, while
elevating her to a goddess that brings life to the world.

The photo is inspired by the archetype of the fertility goddess, as
depicted by the ancient Venus Figurines of the European
Paleolithic period.

I am a fine art photographer based in Naples, Italy. In my images I completely eliminate context (time, space and the subject's identity) so that the viewer can connect more deeply with the message or emotion I aim to convey. Keeping the narrative elements minimal also helps me get to the core of the condition I am investigating: looking at my own wounds from the outside I can consider vulnerability and struggle as a shared, universal state. Photography has been and still is a form of therapy to me.

Awards 2017 MIFA - 2nd Place in Professional Fine Art - Special Effects (Kintsugi)
2017 PX3 - Honorable Mention in Professional Fine Art - Digitally Enhanced (Kintsugi)
2016 IPA - Honorable Mention in both Professional Special - Digitally Enhanced and Professional Self Portrait categories (Kintsugi)
2016 ND Awards - 2 Honorable Mention in both Fine Art - Conceptual and Fine Art - Photomanipulation (Kintsugi)
2014 IPA - 1st place in Professional Self Portrait
2014 MIFA - 1st place in Professional Self Portrait
2014 EPC Emirates Photography Competition - 1st place in Creative Category