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The Empty Chalice

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Romin Mohtasham, Iran
  • Studio
    Mohtasham Studio

Lake Urmia
Lake Urmia with it's unique features, is one of the saltiest lakes in the world,and
registered in UNESCO's
list of world heritage, has led to a great crisis and
shortage of water due to worsening weather conditions on one hand and the government's
reckless handling of dam construction and road making on the lake on the other hand.
As the lake dries, a pool of salt emerges and, scattering salt dust in the air. This has
led to drought and put in menace lives of people living by
and in the nearby cities.
as a result, migration and changes in environmental and human geography , seriously
threatens life in
this region.
This photography project began 10 years ago.
Environmental changes has given new dimension
to tragedy of disappearing lake.

Romin Mohtasham
Born in1961 , Urmia Iran
B.A. Photography 1990 Tehran University
Artistic M.A.from Artists (Evaluation center of Iran,
2008 )
University Instructor in Arts and Photography
Solo or group exhibitions in Iran, Spain, Greece, Japan, Cyprus, Singapore, Austria, France,Turkey,
Belgium, Oman , Iraq

Awards Photo Exhibitions in over 50 international Galleries
1st prize, photo festival of Asahi Simbun, Japan,1996
1st prize , Nature Category, the international photo
festival of Austria, 2002
1st prize creative photo festival of Singapore, 2005
!st prize Golden Lens of international photo festival of Knockeheist, Belgium, 2011