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The Goddess Series

The Goddess Series has evolved from my Anima/Persona Series.
These digital collage portraits were influenced in part by
Symbolist paintings. In art school, I was fascinated by the
symbolist painters. I later learned that many of these artists
worked from misogynist fears stemming from their discovery
that the Victorian notion that women did not have a sexual
nature was untrue, and of the nascent women’s movement for
equality. The elements of the Symbolist work that I found of
interest were their reaction against the mundane, the banal, and
bourgeoisie normalcy of the late 19th century. I want to express
the exotic, the spiritual, and esoteric qualities of women.

The Goddess Series is very new. All of the images were made in
2018. I’m still attempting to express some of the same concepts
from the Anima/Persona Series. I am using antique ‘found’
portraits and transforming them into mythological goddesses

Annette Elizabeth Fournet has exhibited her photography at galleries and museums in France, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Kyrgzstan, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain and the United States.

Her work is included in public and corporate collections such as the Bibliotheque Nationale, San Diego Museum of Photographic Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Prague House of Photography, Dum Fotografie Slovakia, Moravska Trebova Museum, Hungarian Multicultural Center, Mississippi Museum of Art, City of New Orleans Percent for Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana State Permanent Collection, Nielsen & Bainbridge Corporation, Jefferson Pilot Communications, and the Hyde Corporation

In the U.S. her work is represented by the Joseph Bellows Gallery, San Diego, CA; Thomas Deans Gallery, Atlanta, GA: and AfterImage Gallery, Dallas, TX

Annette Fournet lives in Memphis, Tennessee and in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently teaching photography at the Southwest Community College.