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The winner takes it all

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Sports
  • Photographer
    Nicolene Theunissen
  • Studio

I was asked by a racing team to take a few pictures at their races. I
only had one race to attend before I had to leave for another
appointment. I was a bit unsure of which shutter speed to chose but
tried my hand by panning the camera without the horses at the speed
I imagined they would come by. Turned out to be the exact shutter
speed I wanted. The horses flew by so quickly and I literally only got 5
shots before they were gone. Those four shots are all keepers but this
one is my favorite. This is the first time ever I did any event like this. I
usually only take pics of my children at home.

Awards won Dpc Photo Critic shot of the week and shot of the month a couple of times last year and this year which enables me to win Photographer of the year. Won second place VSS Creative Photography for the Creative Open category and won best of the month and best of the week a couple of times in the Best of Black and white club and images are posted in Noir magazine and also used in instruction manuals at DPC