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Behind The Diamonds

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Feature Story
  • Photographer
    Hiroshi Aoki, Japan

Central African Republic (CAR) has been engulfed by a civil war.
It is often described as a religious conflict as a major alliance of
rebel forces, Seleka, consists mainly of Muslims while the other
group, Anti-balaka, is primarily Christians. There are, however,
other causes of conflict such as historic rift between powerful
South and marginalized North and antagonism based on tribes
and languages. In addition to those differences, abundant
natural resources, especially diamonds, have played a significant
role in the conflict.
What is happening at diamond mines in CAR where warring
factions compete for their ownership? Diamonds add splendor
to shining moments like marriage proposals, anniversaries,
award ceremonies and dinner parties. But their beauty and
charm may also play an evil role. A behind story of the miracle
gem that have attracted human beings.

Hiroshi Aoki (Japanese, b.1976) http://www.hiroshiaoki-photo.com

Over the thirteen-year his career photographed many of recent history's defining human rights and conflict issues. Aoki's work reflects his belief in photojournalism's role as an instrument of witness and memory to incite change, and the necessity of telling the stories of people who are rendered powerless to tell their own.

Aoki's work takes the viewer to the limits of human despair, dignity, suffering and hope. His images are relevant to us all, because they form a chronicle of the time in which we live, but at times do not dare to recognize.

Aoki has received awards from the Japanese photography industry and his works collected in a museum and some galleries. Aoki's work has been widely exhibited, and has been showed by some books.
In 2012, Aoki released �HEAL AFRICA�(TOSEI publishing Co., Ltd), It telling about human despair, dignity, suffering and hope in Africa including Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Chad etc. Need to share the necessity of telling the stories of people who are powerless. Aoki believe that his works to change the world.

Aoki has been started a project �THE CHORD� to contribute to the society from 2017. It is fusion of art and the journalism. For the purpose art and journalism perform collaboration and associate with society deeply. He lives Yokohama, Japan with his wife. Hiroshi Aoki works as a freelancer on both commercial as journalistic projects. He is based in Japan.

Awards 2018 PX3 Bronze Winner
2014 PX3 Silver Winner
2007 Konica Minolta  FOTO PREMIO Award JAPAN
2007 P.O.S. Photo Festival   Young photographer Award JAPAN