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From the series "SS NORNEN"

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Don Hooper
  • Studio
    Photography by Don Hooper
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The SS Nornen was a Norwegian Barque, that in 1897 was washed
up onto Berrow Beach, Somerset, UK, during heavy seas.
There was a crew of 12 men, who were all rescued by local people
but the boat could not be saved and it still lies on the beach.
It is only exposed during a low tide and all that now remains is the
wooden hull, covered in seaweed.
Over a period of years I have visited Berrow to photograph the
Nornen at all times of the year and different times of the day to
build up a portfolio of images that show it in different guises.

Don Hooper, photographer with 45 years experience, International Multi Award Winning and widely recognised within the industry; receiving accolades in London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Budapest, Tokyo and America. Specialising mainly in Black and White, his world as we see it through the lens, captures life in a contemporary form; exposing the sensitivity and beauty nature possesses. With the intention of fabricating both stillness and movement within his shots, Hooper over the years has built a diverse body of work where his creative flare and eye for the bewildering shines through.

Awards PX3 Paris Photo Awards 2022 - Nature/Trees - Honourable Mention.
London Photography Awards 2022 - Gold Winner -Black and White - Nature.
15th International Color Awards 2022 - Nominee - Landscapes.
Muse Photography Awards 2022 - Silver Medal - Black and White X 2
New York Photography Awards 2021. - Black and White - Landscapes - Silver.
16th International Black and White Spider Awards - Wildlife - Nominee.
7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2020/2021 - Nature - Nominee.
14th International Color Awards 2021 - Nature - Nominee.
14th International Color Awards 2021 - Nature - Nominee.
Tokyo International Photo Awards 2020 - Nature - Honourable Mention
Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 - Nature -Bronze Medal
15th Black and White Spider Awards - Architecture - Nominee
PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2020 - Nature - Honourable Mention
13th International Color Awards - Architecture - Nominee
Budapest international Foto Awards - Nature - Honorable Mention
14th Black and White Spider Awards 2019 - Nature - Nominee
International Photography Awards 2019 - Architecture - Honorable Mention
Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 - Long Exposure_Fine Art - Honourable Mention
Moscow Foto Awards 2019 - Architecture - Bronze Medal
Fine Art Photography Awards 2018/2019 - Open Theme - Nominee
International Color Awards 2019 - Fine Art - Nominee
Monochrome Photography Awards 2018 - Portraits - Honourable Mention X 2
13th Black and White Spider Awards 2018 - Silhouette - Nominee
Neutral Density Awards 2018 - Special Category, Long Exposure - Honourable Mention
International Photography Awards 2018 - Nature - Honourable Mention
PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2018 - Gold Winner, Fine Art
Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 - Nominee
International Photographer of the Year 2017 Nature - Honourable Mention
Monochrome Awards 2017 - Nature - Honourable Mention
Neutral Density Photography Awards 2017
Fine Art Photography Awards 2017