/ 2018 / /

Deliver Us from Evil

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Personality
  • Photographer
    Leonardo Perugini
  • Studio
    Leonardo Perugini

Italy. A landing place for immigrants, but at the same time quite
the opposite. Over 115,000 departures, in 2016. Many young
Italians leave to build a new life abroad, but they take their origins
with them, rework them and, when they go home, their return has
a different meaning. As in the case of Mario, his Virgin Mary and
his blood.Mario is 40 years old and 21 years ago he left Nocera
Terinese, his home town near Catanzaro, Calabria. Now he lives in
Portsmouth, England. He has two children and two jobs: by day a
workman and by night a pizza chef.But every year, just before
Easter, Mario returns home to dedicate his blood to a powerful
creed he has never forgotten. He becomes a Vattiente.“Tradition
does not mean looking after the ashes,but keeping a flame
alive”wrote Jean Jaures and Mario's story is all of this: tradition,
blood and intentions.