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In childhood dreams, super heroes dance with adorned dolls. Innocence and joy goes hand in hand. The weather is sunny, the hours are fun and for tomorrow there will be a new
invention. For childhood at Sol Nascente, stones are characters, cans are stories and dust is party. This series tells about the routine of children living at one of the largest slums in Brazil and Latin America, Sol Nascente, where only 2.95% of the population has completed higher education and more than 6,000 children under age 6 are out of school. Accompanying volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of life of its residents, I had known a reality that, although full of difficulties and challenges, is also full of hope. And it is precisely the puerile hopes that protect children from real life through imagination. Thanks to these hopes, children live their perfect world: colorful, loving, complete, worthy.

I am an amateur photographer and my work is black and white oriented, specially documental, portrait, urban life style, architecture and travel photography. I do believe that the absence of color stands out a more intimacy perspective and also a different view of an theme from our daily reality. Photography in my life represents an opportunity to see the world from sensitive aspects.