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Human Species

We exist, therefore we are. Human beings are most full functioning
sentient being among the other creatures. We are a special species on
earth which is our home, but due to hyper consumption and hyper
productivity, the species will be seven billion around 2050. If the growth
continuous with this rapid form, then we are approaching to a dystopia.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a Dhaka, Bangladesh-based documentary photographer, filmmaker, visual artist, and art educator.
Hasan was nominated for many international awards and won hundreds of photographic competitions worldwide, including the Lucie Award, One World Media Awards, Human Rights Press Award, and Allard Prize. His photography projects have been exhibited in Photo Basel, Shanghai Photo Festival, NordArt Festival, Berlin Photo Festival, Belgrade Photo Month Festival, Indian Photo Festival, and many other galleries worldwide.

Awards Photography Awards

Year 2022

• Grant Recipient from The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) on the Imaging Inequality Photography Project partnership with the Bergen University, 2022, Norway
• Shortlisted on Story “Salt” at World Water day Photo Contest – 5th Edition 2022, Italy
• Top ten at the Photo Contest 2022 on Ecosystem restoration in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, organized by ICIMOD, Nepal
• Shortlist on Student Category (Photography Project) at the One World Media Award 2021, UK

Year 2021

• The Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad (7th Edition) selected the series of “The Forbidden Love” for the print exhibition, 2021, India
• Bronze Award for the series of “The Forbidden Love” at the Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA), Russia
• Print Exhibition Artist at the NordArt 2021, Germany
• Photo Story “Parklife” exhibition on EMK Center’s a three-day-long Environment Day campaign 2021, Bangladesh
• Honorable Mention at Lucie Foundation Fine Art Scholarship 2021, USA
• Finalist in the photo story category at the Documentary Family Photography Award 2021
• The Best Youth Photographic Award on Photo Series at the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2021, Germany
• Winner in Photography Category at the GEO Art Competition 2021, Switzerland
• Shortlisted at the 2021 Lenscratch Student Prize, USA

Year 2020

• The Best Talent Award 2020 for the series of “The Last Savings” at the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3)
• Exhibition selection of “The Looted Honor” photo series on Rohingya Rape Survivors from July to October 2021 at NordArt 2021 International Art Exhibition, Germany
• Shortlist for the series “The Last Savings” at 2020 CHROMALUXE X Lucie Foundation’s FINE ART SCHOLARSHIP, USA
• One of the Winners among three from Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) and Omidyar Network’s ‘COVID-19: The Bigger Picture’ photo competition 2020, U.K.
• Student Winner of Bar-Tur Photo Award 2020 for the series of “Salt”