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I don't cook but who cares

Every photographer doing personal work ends up telling a few of
his personal stories. This series is very personal as this is
something I face every day. I do not cook. In my childhood kitchen
was the place of power. My grandmother was a queen and nobody
was allowed near her throne. I grew up with a strong resentment
of kitchen. The fact that women are expected to cook has
reinforced this resentment later on. I love food but I feel like I’m
wasting my time doing all the preparations, searching for the
ingredients that go well together, experimenting. It’s just mot my
art. But I can go through all of this when working on my
photography projects. So since I can not make a culinary piece of
art I tried to turn food into visual art. And that’s the reason behind
the name of the series

Ukrainian-born, Swiss-based photographer, Julia Wimmerlin weathered seismic shifts in her artistic journey from travel to contemporary mixed-media. The 2021 travel ban amid COVID-19 and the 2022 war in Ukraine profoundly impacted her, leading to a metamorphosis in her photographic approach. Delving into contemporary fine art photography, she's embarked on an exploration of longer-term research projects, seeking to comprehend the unfolding events around her and her evolving role within them.

Awards 2024
• Longlist artist for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 in Photography category
• Tokyo International Photo Awards, Silver, Professional People/Family, series "LOVE. My family"
• ND Awards, Silver, Professional, Fine Art/Nude, series "Transcending Familiarity"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Gold, Professional, Fine Art/Nude, series "Transcending Familiarity"; Bronze, Professional, Portraiture/Family, series "LOVE. My family"
• The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts: 2d place Conceptual, photo "Birth" (from "Fresco" series); 2d place Nature/Science/Animals, photo "Connection"; 3d place People/Portraits, photo "Layers and Meanings"
• Moscow International Photo Awards, Photographer of the Year, series "Fresco"
• Siena International Photo Awards, Remarkable Artwork, Journeys and Adventures, photo "Glassfish"
• Tokyo International Photo Awards, 1st Place, Fine Art, series "Fresco"
• Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist, Natural World and Wildlife, Open competition, photo "Connection"
• Trierenberg Super Circuit, Silver, Experimental photography, photo "Joy of Rain"

• International Photography Awards, 1st place, One Shot: Harmony, Enhanced, photo "Internal conversation"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Silver, Portraiture/Self-Portrait, series "I don't cook but who cares?"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Gold, Portraiture/Other, photo "Earth or Mars?"
• Trierenberg Super Circuit, Gold, Self-Portrait, photo "Redhead"