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Silent Waters

Black and white, fine art images, taken at the coastal areas and lakes of
Greece between 2013-2017.

George Digalakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where he still lives today. He first studied photography in 2011, at "Photoeidolo", where he became acquainted with classic and contemporary photographers. With the assistance of his teacher, Tassos Schizas, he discovered the tremendous possibilities of photography as a medium of expression of his inner world.
Minimalism, both as an art movement and as a philosophy of life, has influenced his work. He rarely tries to capture the moment and takes no interest in depicting reality.
He is a black and white photographer, considering color to be a distraction from the main building blocks of photography: shape, lines, forms, and tones. While black and white is already a step away from reality, he doesn't hesitate to go even further, adding or removing parts of the image in an attempt to best convey his inner vision and underlying emotions.
For the past few years he has been working primarily on his project �waterscapes�, which is characterized by a square frame, a minimalistic and sometimes surrealistic approach, high contrast, order, and a peaceful, yet often sorrowful and lonesome atmosphere.
At the same time, he is still experimenting with other themes. He finds himself particularly drawn to urban photography, with water reflections and bicycles a recurring subject. A dark mood, high contrast and the sense of isolation and loneliness are again a feature.
Currently he's a member of �Unwrap� a small photographic group based in Athens.