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A Vanished World

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Book Cover, Bronze in Book (Series Only)/People
  • Photographer
    TIMO HEINY, Germany

I try to hold tight on my photographs what I felt during my
journeys the intuition of a nativeness.
Maybe it is the mystical idea from the beginning of humans, an
original relationship between human and nature, what I always
searched for and I was attached about.
I don’t want to photography only in a documental way, neither
an aesthetic orchestration; my photographs should show the
fascination for a region which seams to me in opposite to our
daily life.
As well as it will be a sculptural contemporary document,
because many of these cultures will disappear in the turbulences
of our time.
I was inspired by characters as there are Leni Riefenstahl and
more, who saved the memory about the Nuba in Sudan for
following generations.
Therefore my journeys transfered to a documentation about one
of the biggest adventures of our Earth: primitive times as vital
Our personality changes to a walker between this two sceneries
and the old fragile world who always welcome us with the
magic and the hospitality of the past.
This primal fear to the unknown which is in all of us will be lay
down inevitably and a hidden bewareness overcomes us,
therefore we will realize these mysterious cultures not anymore
as strange or drastic, they will convert to a reflection of our
The slogan about the „ Cradle of humans in Africa“ will change
immediately to a total different meaning.
We are going to be part of this foreign world and we start to
But how long could our deep roots of old rituals and habits
persist against the invasion of progress?
Maybe it happens only a diminuation of old cultures because of
In the past it were mostly abiotic reasons why the species
disappeared like natural disaster, changes of climate or
geological changes.
Today the reasons are the massive diffusion of a sateless
industrialized society who is responsable for lost of natural
habits, the base for our future in the old world.
I visited during my stays in East Africa many villages, the
residents followed for hundreds of years rituals and the daily life
is guided by the rhythm of the nature.
From these primary communities we could learn so many things
to find back to a peaceful and happy living together.

I was 17 years old when I travelled the first time with my camera through east Africa.
As a visitor who comes from a completely different cultural background, I was fascinated by such an archaic way of life that I had the luck to discover at my journey.First it was the fascination as an photographer to capture these earthy beauty of these tribes.

Today I know, that I had the privilege, temporary to be a part of a life forms that will not survive in our fast changing world.And now my work became a photographic contemporary document.I was inspired by characters as there are Leni Riefenstahl and