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Spread Your Wings and Fly

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Grace Ho Pui Wan, Malaysia

Spreading your wings and fly... Seri Wawasan Bridge

As a passionate amateur photographer, i always considered photography is a way to perpetuate a moment, with all the associated emotions and a way to share and spread my way of seeing the world through my camera.
I’m Interested in shooting peoples, landscape and street photography. For me, a good image tells a story, its will inspiring the spectator’s feeling and emotion and become curious to know more about the peoples, cultures or sceneries in different places, and i enjoyed every moment of photographing.
I have just started to enter few international photography competition in 2016 and i have been very fortunate to received some awards for my photos, this give me a very big encouragement to continue in my journey of photography.