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BELGRADE : dead end

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Feature Story
  • Photographer
    Michael Bunel
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Hungary and Croatia closed their borders and do not hesitate to pushback migrants. As a
result, Serbia finds itself Europe’s new plug on the road to the Balkans. Since the
beginning of the winter 2000 refugees - in majority Afghanis and Pakistanis - have been
piled-up in derelict warehouses at Belgrade’s railway station. There’s only one hose for
two thousand people who live without any sanitary facilities. Two thousand people who are
waiting to carry on their journey or who are hoping to stay in one of the few official
refugees centres.
Based on the agreements with the EU, Serbia is to accommodate 6,000 refugees; scattered
all around the country, the 15 centres up and running accommodate already 7,000 people and
an estimated 600 to 700 migrants arrive every day. According to MSF, a French medical NGO,
a new Calais “jungle” is underway.

Awards -Special award given for the report "BELIEVE in the 9.3" at the 2017 Jacques Hamel Award.
-Coup of hearts of the jury of the session # 1 of the mentor prize 2017 with "Belgrade: Dead end".
- Roger Pic Prize for Scam, 2015: nominated for "The Watchmen" (Ukraine).