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    Bronze in Advertising/Food
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    Claudio Dell'Osa is an Italian photographer. His deep interest in photography started about 1999 when the first digital cameras appeared and went on whit the film ones, like the the Mamiya RB67. Experimentation led him to focus on different techniques, from macro to the 3D and from astrophotography to virtual tours. At the moment he is busy enhancing Abruzzo territories through his photo sas well as realizing varios projects which have given rise to exhibitions and events., Italy
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The main “actors” of the shots (photos) made by Mr C. Dell’Osa are
some of the most recurrent foods in the mediterranean diet: they
are humble, common and, at the same time, basic products of our
His photo cross section shows a series of sections describing the
whole plant, from its vegetable and leaves to its roots, soil
included. It also reveals the photographer’s attempt to get the
observer to recall an archaic millennial world ruled by Mother
Earth. It is a trip that clashes with the modern man’s reality and its
daily eating rhythms controlled by “a distorted perception of
foods”, that Mr Dell’Osa sees as something innatural and artificial.
For this reason, we should recover a kind of assimilation – no
matter whether it is visual and likely to last for the seconds of
observation – that pays particular attention to our origins.

Claudio Dell’Osa is an Italian photographer. The passion for photography began around 1999 with the first digital cameras and were close to those of analog, like the Mamiya RB67.
The experimentation led him to deepen various techniques. From macro photography to the 3D, from astrophotography to virtual tour.

Currently engaged in the photographic enhancement of the Italian territory and in the implementation of various projects that have given rise to various exhibitions and events.

Awards Competition
Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominè in Fine Art April 2019
Instagram photos – Giorgione Home Museum, Castelfranco Veneto TV – from 19 January to 24 February 2019
Monochrome International Award 2018 n. 2 honorable mentions – 12 January 2019
PescarArt 2018 – Vittoria Colonna contemporary Art Gallery, Pescara – 13 october 31 december 2018
Trabocc’Arte mare d’inverno – Trabocco Valle Grotte, San Vito Chietino – 9 december 2018
Light Meet Taste – Perdono Gallery, Ortona (Italy) – 10 october – 3 December 2018
Travel Photographer Society – Porto Pirie Australia – 15 september al 28 october 2018
Trabocco d’Arte – Trabocco Turchino, San Vito Chietino – 19 August 2018
Travel Photographer Society – Kuala Lumpur Malesia – 26-29 April 2018
Fine Art Photography Awards 2° class. Architecture + Mention – 10 April 2018
International Photographer of the yearl – Honorable Mention Fine Art Professional – London – 18 February 2018
Objective Abruzzo – Pescara Image Mapping – 21 december 2017 to 01 January 2018
International Art Photography Festival – Lishui, China – 15 / 19 november 2017
Finalist – Born Digital Wine Awards – London – Ottobre 2017
Nel segno e nei colori – Vittoria Colonna Contemporary Art Gallery, Pescara – 14 october 18 november 2017
International Photography Award – October 2017 – 3RD Place in advertising Food – Los Angeles USA
EikonCultureVisualReflections – Pala Riviera, San B. del Tronto (AP) – dal 29 settembre al 1 ottobre 2017
Mostra “Milan” presso Polet Art Gallery, Belgrado, Serbia – dal 16 agosto al 6 settembre 2017
The photographic angle – Ripetition (commended) – Dartmouth, UK – 23 MAY 2017
Palladino Company – Spazio AXA, Campobasso – dal 20 maggio al 10 giugno 2017
DeCibo – Milan Food Week, Palazzo Bergognone 26, Milan – dal 4