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The Italian fashion Industry means almost 65 $ billions of Euros and 60.000 companies. The tip of the iceberg are fashion weeks with a 0.3% of the total.
Nevertheless as in nature the iceberg represents the extraordinary beauty and power of the wilderness, while 90% of the volume is underwater, in Textile Italian business MFW (Milan Fashion Weeks) represent the top of the Italian fashion Industries and the tip of the “Made in Italy” well-known all around the world.
The MFWs have produced by extraordinary people and workers who make fashion shows where Red Carpets have to be scaled up by top models, designers and VIP. But what happen behind the “Runaway” on the red carpets? What is the 90% of the Fashion Show, what is the majority of the ice under the water? I tried to show this part made by make-up artists, models and production companies.

Awards Finalist Tpoty 2015
Honor Mention Still Life Exposure award 2015
4/3 Day Contest 2016 winner about wide angle
Laureat 2017 World photo contest Magazine Photo.fr
Honorable Mention PX3 2017
Finalist Tpoty 2017
Honorable Mention IPA 2018
Silver Medal PX3 2018
Honorable Mention MIFA 2020
Honorable Mention PX3 2020