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Railways are the most important means of passenger
transportation in Japan. It plays an important role in the life of people in Japan. Here is a series of images capturing
moments of peoples in the train and at train stations in Japan.

Lydia is a self-taught Malaysian photographer who enjoys creating art and developing her creativity with her camera. As a musician and lover of harmonic composition, Lydia’s artistic awareness and inquisitiveness often trigger her creative impulse which are noticeably displayed in her body of work, especially in street, portraiture and abstract photography.
Lydia's photography approach in photography is rather unique. She dares to be different. Innovative and creative with her own ideas and perspectives, she creates images often beyond imagination.

Awards PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris 2018 Gold Winner in category Advertising

ipa, International Photography Award One-Shot:Harmony Honorable Mention 2018

Siena International Photo Awards Finalist 2018

Urban Photo Awards Finalist 2018

Air Asia Trvel3Sixty Magazine photo of The Month March 2016 First Prize Winner

Winner of Discover Hong Kong Photo Contest by Hong Kong Tourism Board 2016