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  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced
  • Photographer
    Dasha Pears
  • Studio
    Dasha Pears Photography
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Bio: Dasha Pears is an award-winning conceptual and fine art Russian photographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. In her works she creates a parrales reality, by telling surreal stories that could have happened to her real subjects. The stories come from Dasha’s own thoughts, observations and experiences and call to emotions that are hidden deeply in people’s minds.
Dasha’s works aim at letting people see the beauty that lies beyond the ordinary and often sleeps away from their eyes. Dasha was recently named one the the winners of the Best of Russia’15. Her conceptual works are used worldwide by ArcAngel, Trevillion and other companies. Some of them can be seen on covers of books published in the US, Europe and South America.

Awards Best of Russia'15