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The cult of St. Paul at Palazzolo Acreide (SR) is very ancient,
probably probably several centuries, at the same election as the
patron saint in 1688, instead of the Madonna of Odigitria,
venerated in the church of San Sebastiano. Spectacular religious
recurrenceSpectacular the "Sciuta" of Sao Paulo from 13.00
o'clock of the 29th of each year. A fascinating and surprising
event for the visitor, who does not imagine what he is
expecting, is catapulted in an instant in a mix of sounds,
pyrotechnics, scenery, invocations.The story is repeated, for
centuries Palazzolo celebrates majestically his patron. A
moment, a moment of joy, for a community that despite the
crisis, the adversity of everyday life, loves to find themselves in
the shadow of the bell tower to celebrate.