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Tibetan Buddhism

I have always felt a special connection with the people of Tibet, but over the past few years, I an increasingly urgency to document these people as their traditional ways of life, ancient knowledge and customs, languages and identities are threatened by rapid urbanization and globalization. Confronted with political and social pressures from the communist Chinese government and the rapid modernization and urbanization of their traditional homeland, Tibetans and their cultural identity are facing enormous pressures from all around. As new roads and new towns are being built into the tradition Tibetan mountains and grasslands, many Tibetans, facing the rapid changes, are also confronted with the challenges of being caught between the past and the present, and many more will face the social issues of being touched and left behind by modern day China as they struggle to preserve their cultural identity.

Larry Louie is a travel and humanitarian documentary photographer. Over the last couple of years, he has used his photography as a platform to high light the work of different charities around the world, along with other social issues and challenges people are encountering in a world facing rapid urbanization and globalization. He wants to engage people in inspiring stories of perseverance and strength, not only of those who have found themselves caught in such a plight, but also amazing individuals and organizations that are lending a helping hand.

Awards 2018 Monochrome Awards- Professional Photographer of the Year – Photojournalism
2017 PDN Photoannual- Personal Project winner
2012 Black and White Spiders Awards-1st place in Photojournalism (Professional)
2010 National Geographic Traveler - First Place Winner
2007 National Geographic Magazine - English Language Contest-First Place - Photo Essay
2007 Conde Naste Traveler Magazine Grand Prize Travel Photo Winner
2007 IPA/Lucie Award - International Photographer Awards-Lucie Trophy Award Winner Amateur