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The Purgatory

  • Prize
    Bronze in Photojournalism/Political
  • Photographer
    alfredo bosco, Italy
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Shatila, that is just 30 minutes by coach from Beirut down-town, is one of the most crowded palestinian refugeeâ??s camp in Lebanon.
More than 10,000 people lives in an area of 1 km square: they are not only from the palestine community but also from the syrian, lebanese and curd ones.
There isnâ??t electricity for all of them and not enough running water. However, till now is the motherland of this people who is waiting for the Paradise called Palestina.

Alfredo Bosco was born in 1987 in San Miniato Alto (Pisa). He has been living in Milan since 2007 where he studies Philosophy at the Università Statale di Milano. He graduated from the John Kaverdash school of photography and he has been working as free lance for commercial and photographic agencies, working on reportages from the Middle East and Central Asia.