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It could be YOU next!

This photograph is made as part of my MA Photograph course. I will be making a series of these kind of pictures, that are based on my own experiences. The theme - simply put - is uniformity in the workplace, which gradually leads to the crush of individualism and the deterioration of character. The elements in this picture are carefully placed in order to help or sometimes stifle the viewer in deciphering the meaning.

He was born in Iraklion Crete in 1979. He studied Marketing at the University of Sunderland in England and obtained his Msc in Marketing in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has seriously dealt with photography since 2004, and has been involved in solo as well as group photographic projects. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, including 2 solo exhibitions in Rhodes (summer 2006 and 2007).

In 2004, he successfully completed the course of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete and ever since has been an active member. In 2008 he was elected in the administrative board of the Photographic Society of Crete, in the position of Secretary General Assistant. In June of the same year he became a member of the club â??United Photographers Internationalâ??.

He has won several awards, the most important of which are: the 1st prize of the Panhellenic photographic competition of Chania in Crete in 2005, the award of the best youngest author in the 6th International Photographic Competition â??Giuliano Carraraâ?? in Italy in 2006, a Gold medal in the Pancretan competition for young artists in Iraklion in 2007, a Silver medal in the 2nd International Salon of Digital Photography in Celje, Slovenia in 2008 as well as a Golden Medal in â??The Al-Thani Award for Photographyâ?? in Qatar in 2008. Recently, he won the 1st prize in the category Fine Art - Collage in the Px3 competition (Prix de la Photographie) in Paris in 2010. He continues participating successfully in photographic competitions.
During September 2008 he collaborated with the dance group â??Fysalidaâ?? in the movie â??Wrinkles and Dreamsâ?? as a stage photographer. 2008 he took part in the photo album brought out by the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete, titled â??18 Photographers â?? International Exhibitorsâ??. In November 2009, he participated in a photo album-book titled â??Coffee shops in Creteâ??, which is a documentary project. Moreover, photographs of his have been published in magazines and newspapers. He was also a member of the organizing team for the 2nd International Photo-meeting of FIAP (International Federation of Art Photography) which was held in Iraklion Crete in 12 â?? 19 July 2009.
He has been involved in filming small-length movies as well as documentary videos related with traditional themes pertinent to Crete.
He has taken part as director and script-writer in the medium-length film, titled â??One out of threeâ??, which is related with the subject of unemployment.
In photography he is interested in symbolism and allegory, and its repercussions. He recently received a scholarship for an MA in Photography, which he is currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts, in Rochester (UK). His dissertation is in the subject of Personality and the working conditions.

Website: www.nikitasalmpanis.com