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Release - The Nature of Rain

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Sky
  • Photographer
    Madeleine Calaido Weber, Ireland
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Storm clouds follow their nature and find release over mother earth.

Madeleine Weber is a Fine-Art Photographer, a Graphic Designer, and an Artist, whose passion for art and for life is the energy that carries her through every day. Her main inspiration and motivation lie in the many forms of beauty offered by Mother Nature, which she finds in abundance living in County Kerry, Ireland. She has amassed an impressive list of awards and publications already.

"I am fascinated and deeply touched by nature. Nature is my best friend and my home. I dedicate my life to the beauty, harmony and peace of it. I am an observer of the ever-changing relationships between light, shapes and movements? those endless circles of enfolding and overlapping. Photography, design and art are my ways to express and collect those aesthetic moments and to bring it into a form with my carefully selected Giclée Fine Art Collections which you and everybody can enjoy. More at www.calaido.com

Awards 2010 Winner at 4th annual professional Master Cup / Abstract / "Flower in Love"
2010 Bronze EPSON pano awards 2 x
2010 Gold Award SWPP / Architectural Exterior/ "The Origin"
2010 PX3 Silver / Nature - Sky / "The Nature of Rain"
2010 Silver Medal "International Calendar Show Stuttgart" / Panoramic Landscape Calendars

2009 Bronze Internation Aperture Award / Landscape 2x
2009 Bronze Internation Aperture Award / People & Portrait
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Wilhelmina Koning's Art
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Break Through
2009  Runner Up - Annabel Williams Awards 2009 / Title: Joy
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Blissful Natural Light
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Mystical Sunrise
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Fiann x 5
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Essence
2009  Gold Award SWPP / Title: Drops
2009  Award "100 Greatest Photographies of 2008" / Title: "Fiann x 5"

2006  Award "100 Greatest Photographies of 2005" / Title: "Wilhelmina Koning”

2005  Award "100 Greatest Photographies of 2004" / Title: "Ireland"
2005  AIB Award - AIB Bank of Ireland-Calendar Contest / Title: "Peace"

2004  Epson Award - Digital Portrait / exposed at Photokina, Colougne 2004