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Marie Fisker #1

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Nicolaj Roos, Denmark
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Marie Fisker captured live, at Oeksnehallen Copenhagen/Denmark.

"The art of photography should be a non-vocal one, and need not carry a traditional message. Where most of my images are concerned, the medium is the message".
Nicolaj Roos is an award-winning photographer, based in Copenhagen. Amongst others, his subjects include Danish acts such as 18th Dye, Jaconfetti, The William Blakes, Oh Land and RebekkaMaria.
2009 has been an eventful year: he took home a gold medal at Trierenberg Super Circuit, the largest photo competition in the world. Additionally, his image of Danish artist Marie Fisker was chosen as one of the best live concert photographs of that year.
For further information, visit www.nicolajroos.dk or www.facebook.com/nicolajroosphotography