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The Mud Olympics

  • Prize
    Bronze in Photojournalism/Sports
  • Photographer
    Luca Desienna, United Kingdom
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Every year nearby the village of Brunsbüttel on the River Elbe hosts The Mud Olympics.
During this event, teams compete in all kinds of sports,
from football to handball, but all in mud.


2009 - SummerShow - FOTO8, London, UK
2008 - SummerShow - FOTO8, London, UK
2008 - Jaguar Shoes - London, UK
2008 - Group Show at B-FLY -Milan, Italy
2003 - Raw Arts Festival - London
2003 - Brixton Art Gallery - London
2002 - The Gallery - Vicenza, Italy
2000 - Padova Art Fair - Italy
2000 - Cremona Art Fair - Italy
1999 - Ruggero Sicurelliâ??s Gallery - Italy
1994 - Nec Ente - Treviso, Italy
1994 - Red Gallery - Padova, Italy

Awards+Nominations & Juring:

2009 - Photographers' Master Cup
2008 - Finalist - Travel Photographer of the Year
2008 - Nominated Black & White Spider Award
2008 - Honorable Mention - International Photography Award
2008 - Showcased at the Best of Photography Annual

2009 - Juror for Photolucida Critical Mass
2008 - Juror for Photolucida Critical Mass
2007 - Judge for Photobloggies Awards
2007 - Judge for Crestock Photo Contest
2007 - Judge for Photobloggies Awards

Education and employment:

1992: Diploma Maestro dâ??Arte
1994: Diploma Graphic Design and Photography
1998-1999: Editorial Assistant for Kerosene Photography
1999-2002: Freelance photographer for: Vanidad Magazine, Kult, Streefashion.
2004-2007: Editor for Gomma Magazine â?? London
2009-2010: Freelance photographer for Intelligence in Lifestyle, Gomma ---------------- Magazine. Diesel U Music AD campaign official photographer.

I want to tell stories with my photography, to create an original, emotional view of people, places and events.
In order to create a succesfull narrative I use analogue and digital media, video and sound recording.
I am driven by my passion for photography and life, I am fuelled by a desire and determination to get to the heart of both the people I photograph and the people who see my photographs.

My photography has appeared in magazines including Vanity Fair, Foto8, Kult Magazine, Vanidad, Genis Aci, Eyemazing, No Name, a-n, Gomma, XL, and Time Out, Intelligence in Lifestyle.

I have exhibited throughout Europe and have been taken part to numerous Art Fairs and collective exhibitions, including the FOTO8 Summer Show and the Padova Art Fair.
I have received many prizes and nominations such as the Travel Photographer of the Year 2008,
the Photographers' Master Cup 2008, the Spider Black and White Award 2008, the Best of Photography Annual 2008.
I also received an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Award 2008/09.

In addition, I have juried various awards, such as Photolucida Critical Mass and the Crestock Photo Contest.
My most recent job highlights are the 2009/2010 AD Campaign for Diesel U Music, Photographers' Master Cup 2009 AD poster and a Vice magazine ad page.

1973: Born in Padova, Italy
1992: Diploma â??Maestro dâ??Arteâ??
1994: BTEC in Photography/Graphic Design
email: desienna@gmail.com
website: http://www. desienna.com
website: http://www.myspace.com/lucadesienna.