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This serie embraces the concept of loneliness, and detachment.
The Only Child with no friends to talk to, no brothers nor sisters, surrounded by the Ethic, a concept he's born with, his education, his parents who sentimentally attached him to a concept of Paradise through the one of Life and Death, which he can't judge or take only one step beyond of it ; and his Solitude, his infinite source of sorrow and Temptation.

I'm a young french Artistic Director, who loves photography and typography.
I work in the field of graphic design but i have a particular interest in image-making through photography.
Always looking for new possibilities, new playgrounds, i can say that of all the artistic fields i have explored, photography is one of these magic things that has never gone off my mind.
I do believe that all the fields that cover my work are bound together, and that typography and photography are inseparable.