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Dancing Iris

Experimentation with light and a creative lens in exploring the flower Iris

Born 1965 in Uddevalla, a small town on the west-coast of Sweden.
I am a self-taught fine art photographer and mixed-media artist.

Art, and later photography, has been an interest since my early childhood. For many years water media were my main focus until digital photography and the Lensbaby Composer entered my world. Today experimental, abstract, and close up photography of flowers is my passion.

My art has an internal focus, which means that I draw most of my inspiration from my own heart and mind. In my recent work I use the Iris flower as my subject, because it has a deep emotional meaning in expressing hope to me. I use the flower as an imaginative living source of shapes and colors through which I create my art.

I sense a connection to the values expressed in Pictorialism, because Beauty is always the core feature of my creative work with the camera. Abstracting the subject is an exciting way to create emotional and original works of art. To quote Georgia O����¯�¿�½??����¯�¿�½?����¯�¿�½������´Keeffe, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

I use different types of techniques from Photo Impressionism to achieve this goal.
My tools of choice are the Canon 50D or more recently the 7D, with the Lensbaby Composer and macro lenses. I work in my studio the major part of time .

My work is mostly intuitive and I allow myself to , to qoute watercolorist, Nita Leland "Explore, Experiment and Expand" with light and movement to create exciting and beautiful floral abstractions.