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Lost Identity

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Carmen Palermo & Paola Tegner, Italy
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Carmen Palermo, born in 1979, is a self-taught photographer. She loves to experiment with every kind of medium allowing her to take pictures (from digital to anologic, toycameras and especially polaroid) . She loves the contamination between the various arts and more believes in collaboration between artists and with this mind she founded in 2010, with the photographer Alan Marcheselli, the italian network www.polaroiders.it. and in 2011 The first Instant Italian Festival ISO 600

Furthermore she does , photographic book editing and leads with Alan Marcheselli workshop on cretive technique with Impossible film in Italy and Europe


6 November - 10 december: collective "lo sguardo degli altri(gli altri siamo noi) by polaroiders - IIC Berlino, Berlin (DE)
4-7 October "polaroiders @ ISO600 2012" - Artra Gallery, Milano
1-29 September 2012: "Impossible Transparencies" - Impossible Space Project Wien, Wien (AT)
July 2012: collective "144 Còmplices =[12x12]" - artemenudo galeria - Lugo (ES)
11 - 23 July 2012: collective "Instant People" - Kasseler Kunstvereinsheim Gallery- during DOCUMENTA - Kassel (DE)
May 2012: solo "le donne" at "Polaroiders@Fanano Obiettivo Fotografia 2012 " - Fanano (MO)
May 2012: Life, Sport and Instant Photography - by polaroiders Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, London (UK)
April 2012: Polaroiders@Wien, Impossible Space Project Wien, Wien (AT)
March 2012: Polaroiders@Photoshow 2012, Roma
March 2012: collective "Pezzi Unici" - Galleria Gallerati, Rome
March 2012: collective "Female Cut" - Lanificio 159, Rome
February 2012: collective "Impossible women" - Cascina Ada, Ispra (VA)

November 2011: solo "4 donne, 4 racconti in polaroid", 4 DONNE, Palazzo Avogadro (BS)
October 2011: collective "Polaroiders @ Le donne, l'arte.Oggi" - Sede di Messenzio Arte, Roma
October 2011: solo "Io non vivo qui" ISO600 OFF, Appartamento Lago - Milano
October 2011: collective "ISO600 il festival della fotografia istantanea", Milano
July 2011: Solo "Brainstorming: racconti in polaroid" - Paratico (BS)
April 2011: collective "No Fictional Additives"

Awards PX3 2010
People's Choice: 2nd place (fine art)

PX3 2010
People's Choice: 3rd place (art/people)