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"Even Though I'm Free I Am Not

  • Prize
    Silver in Photojournalism/Political, Gold in Photojournalism/Political, 1st Place winner in Photojournalism
  • Photographer
    james mackay, United Kingdom
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Though imprisoned they are everywhere with us. More than 2,100 political prisoners are currently incarcerated in the most horrendous of prison conditions in Burmaâ??s notorious jails. â??Even Though Iâ??m Free I Am Notâ?? is a global documentary photography project about Burma's political prisoners. Traveling across the world including to South East Asia, Australia, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada as well as into Burma itself, hundreds of Burmaâ??s former political prisoners, many who have fled the country and are now forced to live in exile often as stateless people, will be photographed, coming together to raise awareness of the tragic plight of their colleagues still detained in jail.

James Mackay is a documentary photographer based in South East Asia and the UK. His work specialises in Burma, both undercover in-country and around political and human rights issues along it's borders and those in exile around the world.