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Yellowstone After the Fires

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Gunnar Conrad, United States
  • Studio
    Gunnar Conrad Photography
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Gunnar Conrad was born and raised in southwestern Colorado and spent many of his formative years growing up on a cattle ranch. He also grew up alpine ski racing and eventually became a coach. While in college, to accommodate his wide-ranging interests, Gunnar changed his major five times from geology to philosophy to journalism to English to creative writing and finally graduated with an outdoor biology degree. He also picked up photography along the way and a passion was born.
After college Gunnar coached skiing in the winter and spent summers at various outdoor jobs including river guiding and logging, all the while indulging in his passion and developing his skills as a photographer. Eventually the time came to start shooting full-time. For over twenty years now heâ??s been shooting commercial and editorial work in many parts of the world for national and international clients. His clients have included Land Rover, Porche, Skanska Worldwide, General Electric, Automobile Magazine, Road and Track Magazine, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated.

Gunnar still lives in southwestern Colorado and spends most of his life in the outdoors: rafting the whitewater rivers of the west, backcountry skiing, climbing mountains, and volunteering his time as a mountain search and rescue team member.

Because the outdoors and photography are both such integral parts of who he is, over the last few years Gunnar began to focus considerable energy into creating striking and memorable contemporary fine art landscape images. He has garnered some high level international recognition including a first place in The International Photography Awards (The Lucies) in 2007.

As one might expect from a denizen of wide-open spaces, his photography conveys an intimacy and comfort with the outdoors as it reveals a unique visual perspective of forms, contrasts, and textures.